Blown-In Wall Systems for Residential New Construction in Brainerd & Rochester, MN

Heating and cooling can account for as much as 42% of a homeowner’s utility bills — but good insulation will save money on monthly energy costs. What’s the best choice for new construction insulation? Most people don’t like the answer “It depends,” but … it depends.

One factor is location. The area you’re insulating affects the type of insulation needed. The other main influencer is R-values. What’s recommended? Finally, cost is important to most of us.

Professionally installed insulation can have a return on investment of as much as 117% if you’re marketing a newly built home.

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Benefits of Blown Insulation for New Homes

Blown insulation can be used almost anywhere in residential new-builds:

  • Attics
  • Enclosed walls
  • Hard-to-reach places (between ceiling/roof cathedral ceilings, for example)
  • New walls
  • Unfinished attic floors

Blown insulation is sometimes called “loose-fill.” The materials that comprise blown insulation have been recycled, making it an excellent, eco-friendly insulation solution.

Blown insulation materials are usually cellulose (recycled newspaper) or fiberglass (40%–60% recycled glass) but can also be mineral wool (75% recycled post-industrial content).

  • Cellulose insulation has a high heat-flow resistance and is environmentally compatible.
  • Fiberglass insulation offers above-average thermal properties and is architecturally design-friendly.

Blown insulation is affordable and the best choice for reducing your carbon footprint.

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Some of the frequently asked questions we receive about blown insulation for new homes in Minnesota include:

How long will new-home blown insulation last?

Blown-in cellulose insulation should last 20–30 years. Fiberglass will last longer because most of its recycled materials won’t degrade.

Is blown insulation messy?

Blown insulation can be incredibly messy. That’s why trained professionals with specialized equipment are always required. If you attempt a DIY blown insulation project, it can get out of control fast.

Reputable builders will always contract the insulation portion of a new construction project.

What is the biggest advantage of blown insulation?

Blown insulation has higher R-values, so it usually outlasts other types of insulation solutions. It also weighs less, so it can be used in areas where other types of insulation would be too heavy.

Where should blown insulation be used?

Blown insulation fills tiny crevices in walls and fills attic spaces between ceiling joists and the wall studs. It also provides noise protection, so outside sounds will be less noticeable.

Federal tax credits may be available this year, and you may have state incentives for energy efficiency. Check with your tax professional to learn more.

If you have questions about insulation for your residence, call (877) 888-2780 or contact Expert Insulation.

Builders: When You Need an Insulation Subcontractor, Contact Expert Insulation

Expert Insulation will partner with you to provide insulation services for new residences and commercial blown insulation projects.

We’re an insulation contractor with local knowledge and experience, but we’re also a member of the Installed Building Products Family of Companies — the second-largest insulation provider in the United States.

Expert Insulation can offer the kind of savings that comes with bulk purchasing. And when other companies are experiencing material shortages, we have what we need — what you need — now.

We’ll work with your contractors and sub-contractors to provide the expertise you need to get the project completed on time and within budget.

Call (877) 888-2780 or contact Expert Insulation to learn more.

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