Wall Insulation Installers in Brainerd & Rochester, MN

blown fiberglass insulation for wall insulationDoes your home or business need additional wall insulation? Are you building a new residential, commercial or industrial property that needs professional wall insulation to meet your efficiency and comfort goals? Or maybe you’re trying to figure out if you have an insulation problem.

Whether you’re a homeowner, business owner, property manager or builder near Brainerd and Rochester, you can count on Expert Insulation to help install wall insulation perfectly matched to your goals, budget and situation.

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Read on to learn more about what wall insulation entails, how to assess your needs and why you should use a professional insulation contractor for your project.

How Do You Insulate a Wall?

There are several ways to insulate a wall, depending on whether it’s new construction or retrofit, what materials you want to use, whether you need to prioritize cost efficiency in the short or long term, how tight you need your air and moisture seals, whether noise infiltration is a factor, etc.

For all forms of insulation, it’s about placing material inside your walls between the supports, which will resist the passage of air, heat and moisture (and sound, depending on your goals) better than mere drywall can.

Materials that might be used for wall insulation on different projects include:

Which material makes sense for your project depends on what insulation you’re already using, your specific goals for insulation, your budget, whether you’re working with drywall already installed, and a host of other factors.

There can be significant differences even in relatively similar projects if, for example, you’d prefer insulation with minimal damage to your drywall versus tearing it all down (perhaps as part of a larger remodel).

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How To Know If Your Rochester Home’s Walls Need Insulation

Even in the tamest climates — which Minnesota doesn’t have — you want all exterior walls insulated against air and moisture infiltration. Interior walls only need insulation for specific reasons, i.e., for keeping refrigerated spaces or something like a server room or sterile room at a target temperature without sharing air with adjacent spaces.

There are usually abundant signs of inadequate wall insulation on a property. You’ll have drafts when the wind blows against the offending wall, and rooms with poor insulation will be a different temperature.

You’ll feel more moisture in the air, and you might even have walls that feel hot, cold or wet to the touch when the weather outside is intense.

If you have great HVAC, rooms may feel comfortable, but your energy bills will skyrocket. You might also notice worse indoor air quality, mold, pests, etc., from air pollution and moisture infiltration.

Why Choose Expert Insulation of Brainerd & Rochester?

Expert Insulation of Rochester, MNGetting insulation done right can save a great deal of money on the initial installation and long-term costs from energy savings, damage due to moisture infiltration, etc.

That means working with a team that understands the ins and outs of insulation in all its forms and has the experience and expertise to match appropriate materials and installation methods to your situation and goals.

Amateur or non-specialist outfits will apply a single preferred method to nearly any insulation project and struggle when it is inappropriate — driving up costs and reducing efficacy.

When you need wall insulation in the Brainerd or Rochester area, don’t hesitate — choose Expert Insulation to handle all your new and retrofit insulation needs.

Call (877) 888-2780 or contact us online to get started! We look forward to working with you on your project.

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